Step into the world of elite golf training with The LaunchPad, our premier indoor golf simulator studio powered by Trackman, nestled within Maylands Golf Course. Experience the pinnacle of golfing innovation with access to over 120 renowned courses worldwide. Our exclusive room hire ensures uninterrupted training sessions regardless of weather conditions. With TrackMan technology, meticulously analyze your swing, track improvements, and gain access to industry-leading performance-enhancing software.

Discover a new standard of golfing excellence at The LaunchPad, where privacy meets performance in our intimate studio, featuring only one bay. This setting accommodates up to six players, offering the perfect environment for both focused practice sessions and leisurely rounds with friends and family.

The LaunchPad The LaunchPad

Room Hire

Step into The LaunchPad and experience a cutting-edge indoor golf and entertainment venue. Discover the world's premier digital courses, a dynamic driving range, versatile practice mode, and engaging fun modes. Whether you're honing your skills or hosting a small gathering, The LaunchPad offers an unparalleled experience for golf enthusiasts of all levels.

Please contact us for the room rate / package

Club Fitting from $99

which can include any one of the following:

Fairway woods and hybrids
Set of irons


Full bag fittings SAVE 50%!

Includes all of the clubs in your set as mentioned above.

Gapping session

Get precise yardages on your clubs

Gain insight into discrepancies with gaps that are too large or small so you can act on verifiable information!

Trackman combine performance analysis

Compare your skills and abilities against a range of players from the best in the world to those who are over a 20 handicap!

Swing analysis

Learn more about the science behind getting the most out of your game.