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1924: The Birth of Aviation Excellence

Maylands Peninsula saw the dawn of a new era with the inauguration of its civilian airport. Spearheaded by West Australian Airways (WAA), the airport became a pivotal hub for aviation in the region. Sir Norman Brearley, the visionary behind WAA, propelled the airport into prominence, initiating services that connected Perth with Adelaide aboard the iconic de Havilland DH66 Hercules aircraft.

1930s - 1940s: A Hub of Aviation Innovation

Maylands Airport flourished as various aviation entities, including MacRobertson Miller Aviation Co (MMA) and Airlines (WA) Ltd, took residence within its storied hangars. The Royal Aero Club of WA also found its home amidst the buzzing airfield. Notably, Maylands witnessed the historic landing of Charles Kingsford-Smith's "Southern Cross," marking the completion of the first non-stop flight across Australia.

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1963: The End of an Era

As Jandakot Airport emerged, Maylands Airport gracefully retired from its aviation duties, concluding nearly four decades of service to the skies. The legacy of Maylands Airport lives on through its iconic grey hangars, now occupied by the esteemed WA Police Force, serving as a poignant reminder of its illustrious past.

1994: A Golfer's Paradise Unveiled

Transitioning from an aviation hub to a golfer's haven, Maylands Golf Course emerged in 1994, initially boasting a 9-hole layout. With time, it expanded into an 18-hole marvel, captivating enthusiasts with its scenic greens and challenging fairways.

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2022: A New Chapter Begins

The dawn of a new era beckoned as TenGolf Group forged an agreement with the City of Bayswater to oversee the operations of Maylands Golf Course. This partnership marked the beginning of a transformative journey, heralding a renaissance for our cherished establishment.

2023: A Grand Revival

In a momentous celebration of heritage and progress, Maylands Golf Course underwent an extensive revitalization, culminating in a spectacular grand reopening on November 1st, 2023. With over $4 million invested in refurbishments, our clubhouse emerged anew, boasting modern amenities and a revamped restaurant, "The Hangar," where culinary delights await amidst the echoes of aviation history. Named in homage to its storied past, "The Hangar" pays tribute to the legacy of Maylands Airport, honouring its aviation heritage while offering a contemporary dining experience for all patrons.

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